Red&Grey is a design and branding studio based in Dublin. We make our clients stand out with creativity and clarity. Working closely together, we help create brands that grow.


Our process connects our Irish strengths (conversation, storytelling, empathy) and our skills as designers (curiosity, imagination and play).


Established in 2003, we've worked with start ups to global businesses on national and international projects. We like to collaborate with clients, share ideas and co-create.


We offer creative services for: – Branding (workshop, logos, naming, brand guide) – Publication design (book, report, brochure) – Campaign design (poster, ad, copy, film) – Digital design (web, social, animation) – Environmental design (exhibition, signage)



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Studio sketches

Irish Whiskey 360°

Welcome to Irish Whiskey 360°. A journey that will take you deep into the soul of Irish whiskey.


As you follow the circle from coast to coast, you’ll discover how people, place, and pace are reflected in the distinctive flavour of each locality. And you’ll get to know the many very different characters that make up the Irish whiskey family.

Delighted to create the new branding with Drinks Ireland and the Irish Whiskey Association.

Photography: Matthew Thompson
Typography: Bobby Tannam

Creative Journeys

Creative Journeys is a two-year public art program that brings together Dublin Airport, Business to Arts and the National College of Art and Design (NCAD).


Entitled ‘NCAD Illuminated’, we designed this large scale installation with photographer, Matthew Thompson. Over the last five years at NCAD, we have captured, curated and communicated the creative practices and outputs of the students.

We selected photographs that captured the essence of the creative journey in the college. The images were displayed in a series of colourful vignettes inspired by Harry Clarke, a famous NCAD alumni and stained glass artist.

Photography: Matthew Thompson

G7 Italia

‘Making the Digital Economy & Society’ inclusive, open and secure was the overarching theme at the I7 multi-stakeholder conference during the G7 Italia 2017. Our task, document the conference.


Prior to attending the G7 Italia conference, we interviewed key members of the Italian Digital Transformation team. This enabled us to develop foundational content and an aesthetic approach. During the conference, we worked together with the G7 team at 3 workshops (Big Data, the Future of Work and AI).

The workshops helped us frame and form the final conference document. The final book was finished with a series of beautiful documentary-style photographs. We also created a conference summary generated by an AI program.

Photography: Matthew Thompson
Strategy: Thomas Ermacora, Paul Hughes

Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is Ireland’s first long-distance driving route – working its’ way from the West coastal road to the wildest stretches of the sea coast.


Tourism is a critical component of the West of Ireland’s economy. The region faced a major challenge with international tourism numbers and its share of holiday visits to Ireland dropping significantly over the period 2007-2010 – performance which was exacerbated by the impact of the global financial crisis and Ireland’s challenging economic circumstances at the time. Urgent action was required.

We created a brand and awareness that attracted national and international visitors to the area. For the Wild Atlantic Way to be a success, we need each community along the route to take ownership of their own part of project whilst remaining part of the overall vision. Our goal was allow space to integrate their ideas, stories, pride, culture and personality into the brand identity.

This project involved several partners and communities working together to promote tourism. We collaborated with the strategy team, and clarified the brand story which focused people, places and stories. We designed a flexible logo that represented the road, the land, the sea and the wildness of the region. The colour palette was inspired by nature. The graphic language includes stone textures, topographic lines and weather symbols. The photography is broken into macro, mezzo and micro shots to show the scale of the region. The idea behind this kit of parts is to create a consistent texture to the identity while allowing freedom for the tone of voice and visual to change depending on the author and their use for it. It is a living identity, one that has the ability to adapt and change with culture, people, nature and the West coast of Ireland.

List of services
Strategy, branding, logo, templates, brand identity guidelines, brochure covers, adverts, brand development.

In the two years since its creation, Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way has become a well established brand, won numerous awards and generated significant international awareness; targets that would take most other international tourism products years to achieve. The 9 coastal counties on the route from Donegal to Cork provided 3.6 million international bed-nights, worth €1.9 billion to the Irish economy.

Photography: Sean & Yvette
Strategy: Place Matters

International Literature Festival Dublin 2019

Ireland’s premier literary event gathers the finest writers in the world to debate, provoke, delight and enthrall.


Described as ‘boasting a stunning array of top international literary talent’ and ‘the country’s most successful and easily the best annual literary event’, the festival attracts readers of all ages.

For the 2109 festival, we designed a new logo inspired by hippocampus lamps that appear on a Dublin bridge. We had fun producing this year’s festival campaign which featured a series of readers lost in their book.

Photography: Ros Kavanagh


Hummingbird invests in exceptional entrepreneurs. They help start-ups scale from zero to category-defining multi-billion dollar businesses across 3 continents. Based in London and Antwerp, they have transformed companies such as Deliveroo and Showpad.


We created their new branding to give them a more contemporary, innovative and professional feel. Also we produced their website with custom photography, illustration and motion graphics.

NCAD 2019

NCAD is different – it’s about learning, thinking, making and creating.


The prospectus showcases NCAD as a energetic institution that encourages you to apply creative thinking, ask critical questions, practice inventive making, understand new methodologies, dream, seek the unknown and look for what is beautiful in the world.

The tone of the book is colourful, free and houses a series of illustrations drawn from the fabric of the institution itself.

Illustration: John Slade
Photography: Matthew Thompson


Olann creates beautifully coloured yarns that are ethical sourced. The luxury yarns are hand dyed and exported around the world to knitting lovers. Based in Cavan, they take inspiration from the landscape to experiment with colours using traditional methods.


We worked together to create their new branding. First we clarified their vision and highlighted what was unique about their story. We took inspiration from the landscape and the wool dyeing process. We produced the packaging, marketing materials which included custom illustrations, photography and film.

PIVOT Dublin

The World Design Capital (WDC) is a city promotion project established to celebrate the aims and accomplishments of cities using design as a tool to reinvent themselves socially, culturally and economically. PIVOT Dublin was Dublin’s bid to become World Design Capital in 2014.


Each city entering the competition are given forty four questions to answer by the WDC committee. Our brief was to develop a theme/strategy, collate all content and produce a coherent bid document around the forty four set questions.

Our bid comprised of research, writing and design that focused on; Why Dublin? Why Now? Why PIVOT?

Included in the document was a vision for the future, an Irish design timeline and essay, ‘Irish Design: History, Context & Possibilities’, three conversation films, ‘Place, Well-Being & Systems’ (each filmed in a different home. The films were included on a USB ‘house’ key as well as being transcribed to be used as punctuation throughout the book) and a dialogue film that moved across 25 Dubliners and started with the question, ‘If Dublin was a blank canvas, what would you draw on it?’. For the cover we asked thirty different creative Dubliners to design thirty different covers.

We also included a selection of photographs, illustrations, projects and stories kindly submitted from the creative community.

Research/Writing: Emma Curley Architects
Film: Areaman
Photography: Gregory Dunn
Photography: Matthew Thompson

The Laudato Si Challenge

The Laudato Si’ Challenge was established to improve the lives of one billion of the world’s most vulnerable people. Supported by The Vatican, the goal is to develop high impact solutions that offer ways to address critical problems of our time.


A limited-edition book was created based on the theme, ‘The Social Economy’.  It included essays, stories, presentations and company interviews. Each interview was accompanied by an illustration drawn to tell their story.

The book showcases the full adaptability of the identity in a dynamic and cohesive series of designs. All beautifully printed in four spot colours and bound in a hardback linen cover.

Illustration: Barry Falls
Strategy: Thomas Ermacora, Paul Hughes

NCAD Graduate Exhibition 2018

The NCAD Graduate Exhibition is an annual opportunity to discover the latest emerging talent from the art and design world. Our approach for the Exhibition was formed by creating an adaptable system that gave colour, shape and typographic weight to each faculty.


Directional signage was placed across the campus using simple materials, printed colour pages and purpose built wooden structures. A series of books were also produced that allowed for both consistency of form and a change of graphic.

Learn to Swim

When creating the identity for Swim Ireland’s ‘Learn to Swim’ campaign we needed to consider three audiences; kids, parents and pools. Kids seek fun and adventure, parents want value and safety and pools need standards and support.


We created a series of tonal voices, images, icons, illustrations and stories that could address the needs of each audience. Characters, mascots and patterns were also designed and illustrated to suit various levels of swimming adventure. The volume and intensity of these elements could be turned up or down depending on the context and audience.

Illustration: Fuchsia Macaree


Frontline Ventures were in need of a rebrand, an update, a fresh look for a continuously evolving and fast growing industry. Following our brand strategy workshop, we (together) wrote a brief for their identity that focused on Frontline’s personal approach, financial experience and technical/industry knowledge.


The main aspects of the identity are built around human and technical typographic play. A glyph system was formed from aspects of Frontline’s techniques with various combinations used to explain different processes. These glyphs were then used to form the Frontline logotype(s) and display typeface. A second typeface was created with brush and ink. Overlaying these two typefaces creates a new emergent quality. Along with the typographic systems, a grid system based on controlled environments was also designed to showcase the acceleration of exceptional founders. Added to this was a photoshoot were we created triptych portraits through questioning and conversation. Each person was asked to listen, consider and respond.

Together these items form an adaptable brand identity that aligns Frontline’s visual aesthetic with their dynamic team and growing portfolio of companies.


Photography: Matthew Thompson
Strategy: Adaptive Cultures

Ibec, Ireland : A Model of Substance

The Irish model has been evolving over the last eighty years. In practical terms it is a program of economic, educational, political, cultural, social and taxation policies.


Our task was to create a way of promoting the evolution of our economy today using substance, statistics and stories. We needed to be transparent about our past and clear about our key messages for the future.

Alongside the essential numbers, timelines and case studies we designed and built a series of perspex sculptural statistics. Each sculpture represented key substantial moments in the evolution of the Irish Model. Of course, being perspex models, they are also transparent.

Photography: Ros Kavanagh
Copywriting: David Timmons
Maker: Eric Murphy

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