Architect’s Council of Europe

The Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) is dedicated to promoting, supporting, and advancing architecture on behalf of its members. Through meaningful dialogue and the art of conversation, ACE advocates for a diverse range of voices within the architectural community.

Drawing inspiration from the etymology of the word “conversation,” derived from the Latin roots “com,” meaning “together,” and “versare,” meaning “to turn,” our brand identity revolves around the concept of collective engagement. At ACE, conversation signifies a shared journey of exploration and collaboration.

100 Archive 2021
ICAD 2022 (Silver)

Monotype Type Trends 2023

Type design: Bobby Tannam
Photography: Al Higgins


Our custom typeface embodies this concept, featuring two lines turning together to symbolize unity and synergy. The logotype, available in both English (ACE) and French (CAE) versions, reflects the essence of our collaborative approach.

Photography plays a pivotal role in showcasing the dynamic interplay between light, nature, and architecture. Cyclical turns of phrase, inspired by circular poetry, add depth and resonance to our communication materials, bridging linguistic boundaries.

Our partnership with ACE has resulted in a transformative identity system that elevates our presence and strengthens our relationships with members, partners, and collaborators. Their commitment to an open dialogue process, coupled with their design expertise, has enriched our strategic vision and amplified our impact across Europe.

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“As a creative design agency, Red&Grey quickly understood our needs and challenges. They created a new holistic brand identity system to elevate and enhance ACE. It was a real opportunity to strengthen and multiply our relationships with members, partners, and collaborators. They created an open process of dialogue with our European Organisations Members from the start and nourished their strategic process with the value of the feedback they received. In our eyes, working with Red&Grey team is really inspiring: they are a team of professional creatives, quality design obsessed combined with the following triptyque: reactivity, sense of detail, and passion!”

Architects’ Council of Europe


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