NCAD Prospectus 2024/25




This year’s prospectus design for the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) draws inspiration from the institution’s guiding mantra: “Bold and Curious Thinking, Making and Doing.” In line with this ethos, Red&Grey embarked on a creative journey, collaborating with tutors, students, and alumni to bring this vision to life.

Photographer: Matthew Thompson
Illustration: John Slade
Workshop Facilitator: John Waid

Under the thematic brief of “See – Hear – Now,” individuals from across the NCAD community were invited to conceptualize and craft ‘Instruments of Creativity.’ These instruments served as tangible representations of NCAD’s innovative spirit, capturing the essence of bold and curious thinking. Photographed within the NCAD premises, these creations were depicted both statically as sculptural objects and dynamically as instruments in action, reflecting the vibrant energy of the college.

Complementing these photographs are illustrations crafted using a pen plotter, deliberately embracing the imperfections inherent in the creative process. This intentional distortion adds depth and authenticity to the visuals, mirroring the organic nature of artistic exploration.

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In addition to showcasing these creative endeavours, the prospectus design features photography capturing student work, campus life, and graphic shapes, offering a holistic glimpse into the dynamic atmosphere of NCAD. Interviews with alumni further enrich the narrative, providing insights into the transformative experiences and vibrant community that define the college.

Through this collaborative effort, the NCAD prospectus encapsulates the institution’s spirit of invention, energy, and curiosity, inviting readers to embark on a journey of exploration and creativity.


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