The Consilience Project



We embarked on the task of branding The Consilience Project, an initiative dedicated to pioneering research at the forefront of global risk mitigation, governance design, and cultural exploration. As a publication under the auspices of the Civilization Research Institute, focused on reducing systemic fragility and advancing innovative forms of governance, The Consilience Project aims to confront existential threats confronting humanity by illuminating underlying issues and proposing comprehensive solutions.

IDI Award 2023 (Branding)
IDI Award 2023 (Illustration)
ICAD 2023 Gold (Branding)

Art direction: Paul Hughes
Photography: Ros Kavanagh
Typography: Bobby Tannam
Illustration: Leah Bredendieck


Our approach to crafting the identity for The Consilience Project was rooted in the concept of closure, a fundamental principle of Gestalt design. This inspired an identity system marked by a logo featuring cut-out sections, collage illustrations, and layered imagery, all reflecting the principle of closure. Consistently applied across various platforms such as web, social media, and print, this identity system enhances our capacity to visually and conceptually comprehend complex ideas, bridging gaps and uncovering layers of content.

Central to our branding strategy was the development of a website serving as a central repository for publishing and archiving the Project’s research. This platform offers free access to valuable insights typically gated behind paywalls, empowering readers to engage with the content by bookmarking, commenting, and making notes post-profile creation. To enhance reader engagement and break up lengthy articles, we created triptychs of illustrations, deliberately crafted using collage and three-dimensional forms to complement the identity’s Gestalt principle origins while adding depth and visual intrigue to the content.

Through our branding efforts, we successfully captured the essence of The Consilience Project’s mission, providing a visually captivating and accessible platform for exploring critical global challenges and nurturing innovative solutions.

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