Creative Arts Summer School 2023

Applicants get the opportunity to sample the creative arts in university and college settings, in Dublin and Cork.

Consistency and change is at the heart of our campaigns for the Creative Arts Summer School. The summer sun, glow, reflection and light are shown across various mediums. For the most recent campaign we made a series of ice pops, in which were encased the sunburst icon of CASS, capturing the ephemeral joy of summer. With the help of some several curious pigeons, and one equally curious seagull, the ice-pops were photographed on a beautiful sunny day, in hands, melting, and through glass.

This worthwhile project has needed an approach that embodies collaboration and agrees upon a shared goal, placing the needs of the participants at the project’s centre. Bringing the nine institutes to the table and understanding their needs, we were able to enrich a comprehensive creative programme. The importance of ACCESS for all, creativity for all, the need for arts, culture and quality education to be central to all our lives is the reason why the design of this project is not about what it is, but what it does.

Booklets, social media posts, certificates, tote bags and posters were created to form a comprehensive promotional campaign.


Chit Chat

Thanks to all the speakers and attendees at Chit Chat.

NCAD Prospectus campaign, 2017/18

Prospectus design highlighting the ambitions of NCAD students, and exploring the lives and work of highly regarded Irish artists and designers.

Creative Design

At Red&Grey, we’re not just in the business of creative design; we’re in the business of creating memorable experiences.


Glug Dublin mark their second gathering with chats with creative duos.

Exhibition Design

At Red&Grey, for exhibition design we don’t just make beautiful spaces – we create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Portfolio Review by a host of visual and graphic designers.

Brand Strategy

We know that a strong brand strategy is more than just a catchy logo or a clever tagline.

Websites and Digital

At Red&Grey, we’re not just about creating websites and digital assets  – we’re about crafting online design experiences that leave a lasting impression.

OFFSET 10+10

Taking part in a panel discussion on ambitions for Design in Ireland at OFFSET 2019.

Creative report design

At Red&Grey, we’re passionate about report design because we know it’s not just about presenting information—it’s about telling a compelling story.

Art Direction

At Red&Grey, we believe that art direction is more than just crafting a visual style – it’s about collaboration, creativity, and taking your projects to new heights.

Brand Naming

We create memorable meaningful names that have the power to directly affect your brand’s perception and ultimately its success.

Memorable Logo Design

We get that a logo is more than just a pretty picture – it’s the face of your brand, the essence of who you are distilled into a single image.