Re Think + Re Act – A PIVOT Dublin initiative

The goal of Re Think + Re Act was to discuss design as a response to challenges and opportunities across a spectrum of scale and society and to forge new connections between the attendees and participants of the project.

The Reading Room was held in Film Base in Temple Bar and then moved to the National Library of Ireland for St. Patrick’s Festival. As a collaborative partner in the project we developed the identity, invitations, posters, promotional magazine, exhibition space and concept for the Reading Room. For the Reading Room we asked people from across the city, from the Lord Mayor to our next door neighbours to lend their favourite book to go on public display as a part of the project. The book owners each left notes and letters in their books explaining why they had chosen them as their favourite book. Each book and comment became part of a free magazine that was handed out throughout the Re Think + Re Act project.


Chit Chat

Thanks to all the speakers and attendees at Chit Chat.

NCAD Prospectus campaign, 2017/18

Prospectus design highlighting the ambitions of NCAD students, and exploring the lives and work of highly regarded Irish artists and designers.

Creative Design

At Red&Grey, we’re not just in the business of creative design; we’re in the business of creating memorable experiences.


Glug Dublin mark their second gathering with chats with creative duos.

Exhibition Design

At Red&Grey, for exhibition design we don’t just make beautiful spaces – we create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Portfolio Review by a host of visual and graphic designers.

Brand Strategy

We know that a strong brand strategy is more than just a catchy logo or a clever tagline.

Websites and Digital

At Red&Grey, we’re not just about creating websites and digital assets  – we’re about crafting online design experiences that leave a lasting impression.

OFFSET 10+10

Taking part in a panel discussion on ambitions for Design in Ireland at OFFSET 2019.

Creative report design

At Red&Grey, we’re passionate about report design because we know it’s not just about presenting information—it’s about telling a compelling story.

Art Direction

At Red&Grey, we believe that art direction is more than just crafting a visual style – it’s about collaboration, creativity, and taking your projects to new heights.

Brand Naming

We create memorable meaningful names that have the power to directly affect your brand’s perception and ultimately its success.

Memorable Logo Design

We get that a logo is more than just a pretty picture – it’s the face of your brand, the essence of who you are distilled into a single image.