Toy Show Appeal



In partnering with RTÉ for the Toy Show Appeal, Red&Grey embarked on a heartwarming journey to create a brand identity that embodies the spirit of generosity and joy. Inspired by the monumental impact of the Toy Show Appeal, which raised €6.6 million for children’s charities and touched the lives of over 600,000 children across Ireland, we set out to craft a brand identity that would resonate with audiences nationwide.

Central to our branding efforts was the creation of a new character, a lovable owl with a big heart, illustrated by the talented Chris Judge. This superhero owl symbolized the essence of the Toy Show Appeal, with the power to bring smiles to children’s faces and make their lives brighter.

Typography: Bobby Tannam
Illustration: Chris Judge

100 Archive: 2021 Selection

Drawing inspiration from the iconic intro sting typography of the very first Late Late Show hosted by Gay Byrne, we developed a distinctive logotype that evokes a sense of nostalgia while aligning seamlessly with the appeal’s mission.

Our collaboration with typography expert Bobby Tannam ensured that every aspect of the branding, from fonts to layouts, was meticulously crafted to convey warmth, compassion, and playfulness. Beyond branding the Toy Show Appeal, we extended our efforts to develop branding for the Toy Show itself and the Toy Show Musical, creating a cohesive visual identity that unified these beloved initiatives under one umbrella.

Through our partnership with RTÉ and the creation of a compelling brand identity, we aimed to amplify the impact of the Toy Show Appeal, inspire generosity, and spread joy to children and families in need across Ireland. Together, we strove to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing adversity, ensuring that the spirit of giving remains at the heart of the holiday season.

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