We took on the delightful challenge of capturing Olann’s spirit and infusing it into their brand identity. Nestled in the lush landscapes of Cavan, Olann began its journey, driven by a simple yet profound desire to create hand-dyed yarns of unmatched elegance.

Our adventure kicked off with a cozy visit to Olann’s workshop, where we delved into the heart of their story. Together with the owners, we uncovered the charm of their tale and celebrated the beauty of being small yet significant.

100 Archive: 2019 Selection
ICAD 2020 commended

Illustration: Tom Abbiss Smith
Film & photography: Matthew Thompson & Myles Shelly.

Collaborating with the imaginative illustrator Tom Abbiss Smith, we conjured digital artworks that mirrored the splendor of nature and the vibrancy of Olann’s dyeing process. Photographers Matthew Thompson and Myles Shelly then captured the magic of Olann’s studio, painting a picture of color and texture.

From this creative cauldron emerged a dynamic brand identity, tailor-made to Olann’s aspirations and contemporary flair. Through packaging labels, booklets, and marketing materials, we crafted a comprehensive suite designed to speak to Olann’s discerning audience.

As a startup on the brink of global recognition, Olann expressed heartfelt appreciation for our partnership. Their swift ascent, fueled by our branding magic, underscores the power of collaboration and creative synergy.

With exports spanning the globe and a growing team of artisans, Olann shines as a beacon of artisanal excellence. As they prepare to unveil a new chapter in a larger studio, we take pride in having played a part in Olann’s remarkable journey.

“As a startup, we needed a design company to capture and visualize our brand’s DNA. Red&Grey not only brought a fresh redesign to our company but also helped reorient how we can best communicate our brand to others. Their process is collaborative and user-driven in nature. They delivered a professional service within the agreed budget and timeframe. They were outstanding in their creative delivery and went well beyond our initial brief and expectations.”

Jess Kavanagh, Olann

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