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32 Lennox Street, Portobello,
Dublin 8, D08 F2RP, Ireland

NCAD is a special place, walking through the blue arch on Dublin’s Thomas Street brings you to a unique campus of studios, workshops and learning spaces where the community of students and staff are engaged creatively in exploring and understanding the world.“

Sarah Glennie, Director, NCAD.

Red&Grey were entrusted with the task of creating the recruitment campaign for the National College of Art and Design (NCAD). Our mission was to capture the essence of NCAD’s unique campus, filled with studios, workshops, and learning spaces, where students and staff engage in creative exploration and understanding of the world.


To attract aspiring artists and designers who possess a deep creative drive, we employed a series of captivating techniques, including collages, playful typography arrangements, and vibrant assemblages. These visually striking elements were carefully curated to resonate with the target audience, conveying NCAD as a hub of creativity and innovation.

Partnering with photographer Matthew Thompson and illustrator Orlagh Murphy, we infused the campaign with their artistic expertise. Matthew, with a background in design and fine-art photography, brought a unique perspective to the project, while Orlagh’s specialisation in mixed media illustration added depth and creativity.

The recruitment campaign encompassed a wide range of print and digital materials, including prospectuses, guides, handbooks, ads, social media content, and trade show materials. We ensured a consistent visual language throughout these materials, effectively conveying NCAD’s vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

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NCAD Recruitment Campaign