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Swim Ireland’s ‘Learn to Swim’ campaign presented us with the exciting challenge of crafting a compelling identity that resonated with three distinct audiences: kids, parents, and pools. Recognizing the unique desires and requirements of each group, we developed a comprehensive branding strategy that effectively addressed their needs.

To capture the attention and imagination of children, we created a dynamic array of tonal voices, captivating images, and engaging illustrations. These elements were carefully curated to evoke a sense of fun and adventure, fostering a positive and exciting perception of swimming. By incorporating vibrant colors and playful designs, we aimed to inspire young swimmers to embark on their own aquatic journeys.

For parents, our focus shifted towards value and safety. We strategically emphasized Swim Ireland’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards and providing a secure learning environment for children. Through our imagery and messaging, we aimed to instill confidence in parents, assuring them that their children would receive both exceptional instruction and a safe, enjoyable experience.


Pools, as essential partners in the campaign, required a tailored approach. We created a range of icons, patterns, and visual elements that could be seamlessly integrated into pool signage and promotional materials. This not only showcased the strong partnership between Swim Ireland and the pools, but also conveyed the governing body’s commitment to providing ongoing support and resources to maintain high instructional standards.

Versatility was a key consideration throughout the branding process. We designed a diverse cast of characters, mascots, and illustrations that catered to various levels of swimming adventure. This allowed us to customize the volume and intensity of the branding elements based on the specific context and audience, ensuring that the messaging remained impactful across different platforms and environments.

Collaborating with Irish illustrator Fuchsia MacAree, we brought the brand to life through vibrant and expressive illustrations. Her unique artistic style perfectly complemented the campaign’s goals, capturing the essence of joy and discovery inherent in learning to swim.

Through a cohesive blend of tonal voices, captivating imagery, and purposeful design, our branding strategy successfully addressed the needs of all three audiences. Swim Ireland’s ‘Learn to Swim’ campaign now stands as a dynamic and engaging brand identity, empowering children, reassuring parents, and providing invaluable support to pools across the island of Ireland.

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