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Red&Grey, in collaboration with Ibec, created the branding and campaign for the innovative KeepWell programme. With a focus on corporate wellness, KeepWell is empowering companies in Ireland to prioritise the health and wellbeing of their employees. The programme encompasses various crucial aspects of workplace wellbeing, such as leadership, mental health, absence management, physical activity, and healthy eating.

By joining KeepWell, organisations gain access to a comprehensive framework of standards that cover all facets of workplace wellbeing. Additionally, they receive valuable tools to assess their current performance and benchmark against industry standards. Furthermore, organisations are invited to participate in KeepWell community events and clinics, where they can share best practices and receive expert advice.

Do you value the health, wellbeing, and prosperity of your employees? Are you committed to fostering a culture of excellence and achievement? KeepWell, in collaboration with Ibec, can help you achieve these goals.


Over the past twelve months, Red&Grey has closely collaborated with Ibec to develop a six-step process that analyses, accredits, and enhances organisational wellbeing. As part of this process, we have identified eight key themes and compiled them into an informative pack that provides employers with a clear understanding of workplace health, safety, and wellbeing. Each theme is colour-coded and explained through visually engaging illustrations and accessible language.

The prestigious KeepWell Mark serves as an evidence-based accreditation, recognising and celebrating organisations that prioritise employee wellbeing as a core component of their company policies. To visually represent this, we collaborated with Maria Hinds to create an impactful campaign illustration. Additionally, in partnership with Designgoat, we designed a physical transparent block award that serves as a tangible symbol of organisational commitment to employee wellbeing.

Our creative campaign for KeepWell encompassed a wide range of mediums, including print, digital, and motion. We developed various items, such as guides, reports, brochures, notebooks, event stands, t-shirts, and advertisements, all aimed at promoting and supporting the program’s objectives.

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