Irish Whiskey 360°



Irish Whiskey 360° offers a unique immersive journey into the heart of Ireland’s whiskey-making tradition, showcasing the rich heritage and craftsmanship behind the country’s finest distilleries.

Drinks Ireland sought to revitalize the Irish whiskey industry by creating a brand that would unite distilleries across the nation and elevate their profile globally. Despite Ireland’s historical prominence in whiskey production, the industry had experienced a significant decline, leaving only two operational distilleries by 1980.

Typography: Bobby Tannam
Film / photography: Matthew Thompson
Copywriting: Gai Griffin

In collaboration with Drinks Ireland and the Irish Whiskey Association, Red&Grey developed a versatile brand identity tailored to diverse audiences and contexts. Irish Whiskey 360° emerged as a symbol of unity, celebrating the multifaceted aspects of Irish whiskey culture, from distillery visits to the artistry of whiskey-making.

Inspired by Ireland’s rich cultural tapestry and natural landscapes, our dynamic identity system reflects the industry’s vibrancy and evolution. Designed for both local and global markets, the brand captures the essence of Ireland’s whiskey heritage while embracing modernity.

Our comprehensive approach encompassed branding, naming, copywriting, film production, photography, and website development, ensuring a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints.

“Red&Grey’s collaboration with Drinks Ireland – Irish Whiskey Association resulted in Irish Whiskey 360°, a dynamic platform that exceeded our expectations. Their team embraced our vision with creativity and passion, delivering a design that authentically captures the essence of our industry.”

William Lavelle, Irish Whiskey Association

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