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Creative Journeys is a dynamic two-year public art initiative, a collaborative effort between Business to Arts, Dublin Airport, and the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), aimed at fostering creative partnerships and enhancing cultural experiences in Ireland.

The challenge for Business to Arts was to cultivate innovative collaborations between the arts and business sectors, creating quality cultural experiences that resonate with audiences. As part of this endeavor, Creative Journeys was conceived to enrich the traveler experience at Dublin Airport, infusing it with engaging and memorable artistic installations that evoke a distinct sense of place.

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Photography / Editorial: Matthew Thompson

For the ‘NCAD Illuminated’ exhibition design at Dublin Airport’s Terminal 2, Red&Grey collaborated with photographer Matthew Thompson to craft a visual narrative celebrating the creativity of NCAD students. Over five years, Thompson captured the essence of NCAD’s vibrant community across diverse creative disciplines. Thousands of carefully selected photographs were expertly edited and paired to create colourful vignettes, reminiscent of the visual storytelling style of renowned NCAD alumnus, stained glass artist Harry Clarke.

The large-scale exhibition design, strategically located within Terminal 2, showcases past and present students alongside their works, adding a touch of artistic flair to the airport environment. The collaboration between Red&Grey and Thompson ensured that the artwork not only captivated audiences but also conveyed a clear narrative, enhancing the passenger experience.

Services provided by Red&Grey encompassed the design of the installation space, art direction, and production, facilitating the seamless integration of art into the airport environment.

“It was a delight to work with Red&Grey as part of the Creative Journeys programme at Dublin Airport, in partnership with NCAD. When approached to develop a different manifestation of previous work for a large passenger-facing space in Dublin Airport, their exhibition design approach was highly creative, intelligent and focused on ensuring the artwork presented a clear story to the audience. It would be a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Red&Grey on any future projects.”

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