Drinks Ireland Annual Review

Drinks Ireland, an Ibec sector representing alcohol drink manufacturers and suppliers in Ireland, stands out globally for its unique representation of all alcohol product categories under one umbrella organization. With exports exceeding €1.4 billion and reaching 140 markets worldwide, the industry contributes significantly to the Irish economy, supporting over 92,000 jobs and generating more than €2 billion in revenue. Notably, Irish breweries, distilleries, and gin schools attract over three million tourists annually, reflecting the industry’s continuous growth and appeal.

European Design Awards 2022: Bronze

Film/Photography: Ros Kavanagh
Photography: Matthew Thompson
Mischief maker: John Waid


In collaboration with renowned photographer Ros Kavanagh, our concept for the annual review aimed to visually celebrate the diverse range of drinks across all sectors. Capturing striking overhead images of colorful drinks served in various glassware, including cocktail glasses, shot glasses, pint glasses, and wine glasses, we created engaging visuals that showcased the industry’s vibrancy.

Overlaying these captivating images with statistical pie charts, the annual review presented key insights into the drinks industry, accompanied by updates on significant sectoral developments. Additionally, we produced a short promotional film for the review launch at Ibec, providing an immersive experience for stakeholders and industry enthusiasts alike. Our services encompassed design for print, art direction, and film production, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presentation of the annual review’s content. Collaborating with talented individuals such as photographer Ros Kavanagh and filmmaker Matthew Thompson enriched the project, adding depth and creativity to our visual narrative.

“We found the team at Red&Grey to be responsive, creative and most importantly, ambitious. They bought into our ambition and made it their own, and they delivered on that shared ambition with a brilliant concept and design.”

Drinks Ireland

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