Creative Arts Summer School

Red&Grey took on the challenge of creating a campaign for the Creative Arts Summer School (CASS), a fantastic initiative offering free art and design workshops to folks from underprivileged backgrounds and communities with limited access to higher education. Teaming up with nine Irish colleges, the program aimed to introduce participants to the vibrant world of creative arts across Dublin and Cork.

Our campaign theme was all about “Consistency and Change,” capturing the fleeting beauty of summer. We came up with a visually stunning idea — ice pops featuring the iconic CASS sunburst. These ice pops, symbolizing the transient joy of the season, were photographed in various settings, melting away in hands, through glass, and under the curious gaze of pigeons and seagulls on a sunny day.

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IDI 2023: Use of Image-Making

Photography: Matthew Thompson
Art Direction: Julie Weber & John Waid


Our approach revolved around collaboration and a shared goal, focusing on understanding the needs of all involved, especially the participants. By working closely with the nine institutes, we enriched the creative program, emphasizing the importance of making arts and culture accessible to everyone.

Our promotional campaign included a mix of booklets, social media posts, certificates, tote bags, and posters, all designed to showcase the inclusive and transformative nature of the CASS experience.

With photography by Matthew Thompson and art direction by John Waid & Julie Weber, we brought the campaign to life, capturing the essence of creativity, exploration, and community.

The campaign invited individuals to explore their creative interests, connect with like-minded peers, and consider a future in Ireland’s thriving creative industries. Successful applicants would have the chance to dive into a diverse array of workshops and presentations, led by experienced tutors and college reps, covering various art forms and offering valuable insights into higher education and creative career paths.

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