Tír, a purveyor of seasonal Irish sandwiches, embodies the essence of authentic Irish cuisine with a modern twist. With a focus on sustainability and locally sourced ingredients, they are dedicated to crafting delicious sandwiches that honor the Irish culinary tradition.

Our collaboration began with the creation of its brand name. “Tír,” meaning country or land in Irish, perfectly captures the brand’s connection to its roots and the bountiful Irish landscape. From there, we embarked on developing their branding, aiming for a contemporary Celtic aesthetic that reflects the brand’s professionalism and commitment to quality.

At the heart of the brand identity is a unique mark designed to adorn its sandwich buns. Inspired by Ogham, an ancient medieval alphabet used in early Irish language, this symbol adds a touch of heritage and tradition to Tír’s visual identity. It serves not only as a representation of the brand’s Irish heritage but also as a distinct marker for its products.

Through a collaborative and creative process, Tír’s brand identity came to life, embodying its values of quality, sustainability, and Irish heritage. Each element, from the choice of name to the design of the mark, was meticulously crafted to capture the essence of their ethos.

As Tír continues to delight customers with its delectable sandwiches, its brand identity stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of Irish cuisine with a contemporary twist. Our partnership with Tír has helped establish the brand as a beacon of quality and authenticity in the culinary landscape, both honouring tradition and embracing innovation.

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