Based in the West of Ireland since 2001, Branar is one of Ireland’s leading theatre companies making work for children. Renowned for creating highly imaginative and beautiful work, Branar tours nationally and internationally. Their company’s motto is  ‘serious fun’.

Aiming to instil not just wildness inside us but wonder, joy, curiosity and compassion, Branar views every child in Ireland and beyond as an equal citizen of the world who should be nurtured through engagement with exceptional arts experiences. Filled with wonder and creativity, their world and the world around them will be more fulfilling for all.


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IDI 2022: Brand Identity Refresh, category winner
ICAD 2022: Rebranding
100 Archive: 2022 Selection

Typography: Bobby Tannam
Illustration: Robbyn Gray
Web Development: Simon Sweeney.

The award winning brand identity system we created for Branar aligns the theatre company’s wonder, play and generosity into a consistent and adaptable system. The Irish philosopher John Moriarty believed that if there’s no wildness around you, there can’t be wildness inside you. Our brand identity toolkit features graphic unity and diversity with a dynamic letter B, playful illustrations, and a playful grid system.

We created a new website, strategy plan, social media, and signage for the rebrand launch. We collaborated with illustrator Robbyn Gray, typographer Bobby Tannam and web developer Simon Sweeney on the project.

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Only difference
makes a difference.