Red&Grey is a branding and graphic design agency. We combine clarity, curiosity, creativity and play.


Established in 2003, we’ve worked on a variety of creative projects. From the big to small, simple to complex, national to international. Our clients come from a wide range of sectors located in Ireland and around the world.


Our creative work has won several awards from ICAD and the IDI. In 2014, we were awarded a Special Outstanding Contribution to Design in Ireland Award for Pivot Dublin.


Our process is collaborative, research-based and concept driven. Our process connects our Irish strengths (conversation, storytelling, empathy) and our skills as designers (curiosity, imagination and play).


We create thoughtful, engaging brand identities together with a broad visual language that express who you are and inspire people to think, feel or act in a certain way.

Design for print
Bringing your brand to life through print, campaigns, and advertising. Communicating your brand across platforms projecting a cohesive, tactile and integrated approach to connect and encourage buy in.

Design for online
We design customised websites, social media and digital items that are both functional and immersive, connecting with those that matter most.

Design of spaces
We design carefully considered immersive spaces, exhibitions, events and signage to enhance the value of your brand and business.

Brand research
Discovering everything there is to know about your business, that makes it successful: its knowing it inside out. Here we are digging for gold, to uncover your ‘why’.

Brand strategy
At the heart of every great brand is a defined purpose. Here we give you a compass to strategically position your brand to allow it to meet its goals.

A core speciality, we create memorable meaningful names that have the power to directly affect your brand’s perception and ultimately its – copywriting.

Art Direction
We believe wholeheartedly in collaboration and work in earnest with complementary experts to activate your brand to achieve the best outcome possible.


We enjoy working with like-minded clients. We believe the quality of our client relationships reflects the quality of our work. We like to collaborate with clients, share ideas and co-create.

“Working with Red&Grey is always a pleasure. They are one of the most professional teams I have worked with. They combine strategic and profound thinking with the power of design. They see things from a holistic point of view and are able to capture this in simplistic yet powerful designs and brand identities. What is most telling about them, is that they really worked with me in redefining our company’s new brand strategy.”
Rutger Bonsel, Stamicarbon


We are members of the Institute of Creative Advertising & Design (ICAD), Institute of Designers (IDI), the 100 Archive and Ibec: Small Firms Association (SFA).

Studio sketches

Doodles, sketches from projects.


International Literature Festival Dublin 2019

Ireland’s premier literary event, International Literature Festival Dublin, gathers the finest writers in the world to debate, provoke, delight and enthral.


The International Literature Festival Dublin (ILFD) holds a series of diverse events in many unique spaces across the city. With over a hundred writers and dozens of events, there is something for everyone to discover. The festival’s goal is to enrich lives, provoke new thoughts and broaden experiences through literature.

A new look was required for the festival branding and 2019 campaign. We worked together with ILFD to create a new visual language that was constructed around the concept of challenging literature. We had real fun producing this festival campaign which featured a series of readers lost in their book.

For this fun project, we made a series of oversized books and mini books in various shapes and sizes. Each book was designed to fit into a specific format, such as a tall book for the tall flags and a very long landscape book for a billboard. The resulting photographs and films formed a unique language for the festival.

The new logo we created, was designed referencing the hippocampus, a mythical sea-creature who carried Poseidon’s chariot across the sea and land. Dublin’s hippocampus can be seen on Grattan Bridge over the River Liffey as ornate lamps on the cast-iron bridge. The hooves of the logo were replaced with quotation marks to signify the literature. The new branding appeared on t-shirts, totes, bookmarks and postcards.

Branding, design for print, advertising, signage, merchandise.

The 2019 festival was described as ‘boasting a stunning array of top international literary talent’ and ‘the country’s most successful and easily the best annual literary event’, attracting readers of all ages.

Mischief making by John Waid
Film and photography by Ros Kavanagh

Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is Ireland’s first long-distance driving route – working its’ way from the West coastal road to the wildest stretches of the sea coast.


Tourism is a critical component of the West of Ireland’s economy. The region faced a major challenge with international tourism numbers and its share of holiday visits to Ireland dropping significantly over the period 2007-2010 – a performance which was exacerbated by the impact of the global financial crisis and Ireland’s challenging economic circumstances at the time. Urgent action was required.

The branding created awareness that attracted national and international visitors to the area. For the Wild Atlantic Way to be a success, we need each community along the route to take ownership of their own part of the project whilst remaining part of the overall vision. Our goal was to allow space to integrate their ideas, stories, pride, culture and personality into the brand identity.

This project involved several partners and communities working together to promote tourism. We collaborated with the strategy team and clarified the brand story which focused on people, places and stories. We designed a flexible logo that represented the road, the land, the sea and the wildness of the region. The colour palette was inspired by nature. The graphic language includes stone textures, topographic lines and weather symbols. The photography is broken into macro, mezzo and micro shots to show the scale of the region. The idea behind this kit of parts is to create a consistent texture to the identity while allowing freedom for the tone of voice and visual to change depending on the author and their use for it. It is a living identity, one that has the ability to adapt and change with culture, people, nature and the West coast of Ireland.

List of services
Brand strategy, branding, logo design, brand identity guidelines, brochure design, advertising, brand development.

In the two years since its creation, Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way has become a well-established brand, won numerous awards and generated significant international awareness; targets that would take most other international tourism products years to achieve. The 9 coastal counties on the route from Donegal to Cork provided 3.6 million international bed-nights, worth €1.9 billion to the Irish economy.

Photography: Sean & Yvette
Strategy: Place Matters

Learn to Swim

When creating the branding for Swim Ireland’s ‘Learn to Swim’ campaign we needed to consider three audiences; kids, parents and pools.


Swim Ireland are united in their love of the water. They exist to encourage participation, develop excellence and regulate the sport of swimming. Their ‘Learn to Swim’ campaign is aimed at kids seeking fun and adventure. It also educates parents on the value, pools safety standards and support.

We created a series of tonal voices, images, icons, illustrations and stories that could address the needs of each audience. Characters, mascots and patterns were also designed and illustrated to suit various levels of swimming adventure. The volume and intensity of these elements could be turned up or down depending on the context and audience.

We also designed a mini swim passport for kids to map their learning journey. The booklet features an adventure story that follows the progress of their swimming journey. Each adventure is enriched with various landscapes, mascots, tricksters and nemesis. The hero of the story, however, always remains the kid. Their goal, learn to swim.

Branding, graphic design for print and art direction.

“With so many competing learn to swim programmes in the market using quite clichéd imagery (sharks or dolphins abound), we wanted to create a visual identity for this programme that would firstly be genuinely appealing to the young learners but also convey the higher standard of approach to parents and to the swimming pools who would be employing the programme.

We turned to Red&Grey to lead this creative effort and were delighted with the results. They managed to create a truly distinctive look and feel for the programme which saw a whole parallel adventure for children to follow while they learned to swim and several distinctive characters and mascots that children love. All through the process, they were insightful and patient collaborators who were a pleasure to work with.”

Owen McNamee, Swim Ireland

Illustration by Fuchsia Macaree