Red&Grey is a concept-driven design and branding studio based in Dublin. Established in 2003, we engage in national and international projects of varying scale and capacity. Working closely with our clients, we help create brands that are designed to live, adapt and grow.

Process: Our design process is created by connecting our Irish strengths: conversation, storytelling, humour, empathy, resilience and our skills as designers: research, humour, curiosity, play, imagination and observation.

Research: We want to see what everybody else sees, and think what nobody else has thought. Research is about being curious and wanting to know more. It is about needing to have more information in order to create more informed solutions.

Studio Principles: Everything starts with a conversation / If you want an interesting answer, ask an interesting question / Curiosity drives research / Balance aesthetic with substance / The quality of our relationships define the quality of our work / Design for consistency, allow for change.



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Studio sketches


NCAD 2017

Studying at NCAD is about learning through making, research and conceptual development. In designing the 2017 prospectus we emphasised this approach through a series of collages. The prospectus also houses a graduate gallery showcasing the success stories of NCAD alumni.


Our aim was to attract artists and designers with the potential to apply creative thinking, ask critical questions, practice inventive making, understand new methodologies, dream, seek the unknown and look for what is beautiful in the world.

“NCAD is a special place, walking through the blue arch on Dublin’s Thomas Street brings you to a unique campus of studios, workshops and learning spaces where the community of students and staff are engaged creatively in exploring and understanding the world.“
Sarah Glennie, Director, NCAD.

For us the drive to recruit potential artists and designers starts by applying the very principles NCAD teaches and promotes. Using a a series of collages, playful typography arrangements and colourful assemblages we aimed to attract potential artists and designers with the ability to engage creatively in exploring and understanding the world.

International Literature Festival Dublin 2017

Where is your book taking you? When can words best effect change? What are you reading for? Along with the central theme of hidden characters (How many hidden characters are waiting for the time when curious eyes will find them?), these were a few of the questions used in the festival promotional campaign.


The goal was to engage, question, and captivate potential visitors to the International Literature Festival Dublin. By not being able to see the full message, you were invited to seek out more.

NCAD 2016

The National College of Art & Design is a living environment of thinkers, makers, doers and creative voices both in the past, the present and future. For this publication (in addition to current student conversations) we decided to sit down with NCAD alumni and discuss their journey, practices and the evolution of their work.


These conversations populate the first half of the prospectus along with quotes from previous student conversations. All remaining information is placed at the back of the book, including Director’s interview, entry requirements, application details etc.

The result is a communication tool that puts the student first, highlights the ambitions of NCAD and explores the lives and work of highly regarded Irish artists and designers.

The concept for the open day poster was Not Closed All Day = NCAD + Open all day. It’s a simple as that.

NCAD Graduate Showcase 2016

The NCAD Graduate Showcase is an annual opportunity to discover the latest emerging talent from the art and design world. Our approach to create an adaptable system for the Showcase emerged from our research into geology; time, layers, landscapes, beauty, discovery etc..


The idea of hidden gems waiting to be discovered was subsequently used across all online and offline communications. A series of rocks were photographed, separated by colour and assigned to each department via archaeological site grids.

Ibec, Keep Well

How important is the health, wellbeing and prosperity of your employees? What can you do to improve this?


How can you prioritise high standards of employee commitment, achievement and excellence? Working closely with Ibec over the last twelve months we have developed a six step process that analyses, accredits and ultimately improves organisational wellbeing. Eight themes were then developed and included in a helpful information pack as a way for employers to understand, learn and improve workplace health, safety and wellbeing. Each theme is colour coded and explained through clear illustration and language.

The KeepWell Mark is an evidence-based accreditation that recognises and celebrates organisations that put the wellbeing of employees at the forefront of company policy.

Learn to Swim

When creating the identity for Swim Ireland’s ‘Learn to Swim’ campaign we needed to consider three audiences; kids, parents and pools. Kids seek fun and adventure, parents want value and safety and pools need standards and support.


We created a series of tonal voices, images, icons, illustrations and stories that could address the needs of each audience. Characters, mascots and patterns were also designed and illustrated to suit various levels of swimming adventure. The volume and intensity of these elements could be turned up or down depending on the context and audience.

NCAD Graduate Exhibition 2018

The NCAD Graduate Exhibition is an annual opportunity to discover the latest emerging talent from the art and design world. Our approach for the Exhibition was formed by creating an adaptable system that gave colour, shape and typographic weight to each faculty.


Directional signage was placed across the campus using simple materials, printed colour pages and purpose built wooden structures. A series of books were also produced that allowed for both consistency of form and a change of graphic.

International Literature Festival Dublin 2018

The International Literature Festival Dublin holds a series of diverse events in many unique spaces across the city. Their goal is to enrich lives, provoke new thoughts and broaden experiences through literature.


A visual language for ILFD 2018 was constructed around the concept of diverse spaces. We printed, bound and cut a series of books that could fit together in various building like structures. The resulting photographs and films formed a unique language for there festival. The pages of the printed book took the three dimensions of the structures and flattened them into two.