Red&Grey is a concept-driven design and branding studio based in Dublin. Established in 2003, we engage in national and international projects of varying scale and capacity. Working closely with our clients, we help create brands that are designed to live, adapt and grow.

Process: Our design process is created by connecting our Irish strengths: conversation, storytelling, humour, empathy, resilience and our skills as designers: research, humour, curiosity, play, imagination and observation.

Research: We want to see what everybody else sees, and think what nobody else has thought. Research is about being curious and wanting to know more. It is about needing to have more information in order to create more informed solutions.

Studio Principles: Everything starts with a conversation / If you want an interesting answer, ask an interesting question / Curiosity drives research / Balance aesthetic with substance / The quality of our relationships define the quality of our work / Design for consistency, allow for change.



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Studio sketches


Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is Ireland’s first long distance driving route working its way all the west coast from north Donegal to west Cork.

The consistent elements of the identity together form an identity toolkit to be used openly and creatively. The colour palette for example is taken from nature and can change with the colour of the landscape. The graphic language includes stone textures, topographic lines and weather symbols.

NCAD 2016

The National College of Art & Design is a living environment of thinkers, makers, doers and creative voices both in the past, the present and future. For this publication (in addition to current student conversations) we decided to sit down with NCAD alumni and discuss their journey, practices and the evolution of their work.


These conversations populate the first half of the prospectus along with quotes from previous student conversations. All remaining information is placed at the back of the book, including Director’s interview, entry requirements, application details etc.

The result is a communication tool that puts the student first, highlights the ambitions of NCAD and explores the lives and work of highly regarded Irish artists and designers.

The concept for the open day poster was Not Closed All Day = NCAD + Open all day. It’s a simple as that.


Stamicarbon are a global chemical engineering company who design the technology to create fertiliser from the gas extract urea. We were contracted to design a dynamic identity and product and services system for the company.


As Stamicarbon’s clients currently operate in over 256 countries worldwide, one of their key requests was to create a communication partnership system. We did this by grouping their clients location, the various technologies in their plant, their identity colours and their gas capacity. With these elements we can create individual flags for each plant.


The collaborative partnership between Engineering company Stamicarbon in the Netherlands and Steel manufacturer Sandvik in Sweden developed a family of high pressure stainless steel solutions, named Safurex.


Our task was to create an identity system, suite of materials and an animation using the theme ‘Precision Resilience’ which was uncovered through a series of strategic sessions with both clients.

Having established the design brief of ‘Precision and Resilience’ our research led us to diamonds as a basis for all communication items. A logotype, display font, and sophisticated graphic language were designed to include all areas of the identity. Throughout this process we worked closely with the clients to develop a product system, adaptable materials booklet and set of cards. Finally, we created an animation for the product launch and celebration of Stamicarbon and Sandvik’s twenty five year partnership.

Maurice Ward Group

Established in 1968, Maurice Ward are an independent global freight-forwarding and logistics organisation.


Working together we clarified the company’s message, further developed their creative strategy, product and service system, modular presentation and introduced an adaptable brand toolkit. Everything that we created was directly influenced by the colour systems, photography, typographic style and aesthetic of 1968, the year the group was formed.


Danish-Italian urban, technology and futurist focused, Ermacora prioritise social impact design, open source thinking and the circular economy. As part of our design toolkit for the upcoming Ermacora identity we have developed four display typefaces, each with three separate weights.


The typefaces use NB Grotesk Std Regular as a base, which we have manipulated to align with the creative direction of biomimicry. The typefaces ‘tech’, ‘adapt’, ‘grow’ and ‘protect’ increase in intensity depending on the context for which they are being used, the weight always remains consistent.


The concept for this identity was found in the company’s name. By highlighting ’via’ in Abrivia we could immediately connect to the client and candidate’s ambition of reaching their destination with ease.


This idea was also extended into the logotype, short film and photography briefs and a language system. For example, Superior Business via Extensive Research. A second photography brief ‘professional warmth’ was also developed to highlight the company’s approachable interviewing technique. Finally, a graphic system was designed from the company values, allowing us to add another visual and conceptual layer. This comprehensive identity system was initiated by uncovering Abrivia’s mission to engage new partnerships, redefine contemporary recruitment practices and secure candidate and client futures.

Art Box Worldwide

There’s art, there’s art box, there’s art box worldwide … domination. The identity for Art Box Worldwide is designed by displaying the process of moving your art in a simple, safe and secure manner.


Clear information graphics were created, along with a strong colour palette and clever methods of highlighting the range of your art and the unlimited destinations available. From Anna to Barry. From Anchorage to Belmullet.

Dublin Cookie Company

A small business baking and selling signature cookies and milks from a small store in the Liberties, Dublin 8. The business is built around Irish ingredients, genuine craft and the desire to create new, delicious memories.


The design and concept of the identity evolves around illustrating moments and memories one can have when tasting various ingredients. The identity includes a language system broken into three parts:
– Dublin is the language of the city
– Cookie is the essential ingredients
– Company is the magical moments with friends.

The packaging designed specifically uses the Cookie Company’s playful language mixed with moments, ingredients and distinctive flavours.


A space becomes a place with the introduction of people. Spaces are simple, but places are complicated, they can be folded, skewed, twisted and interpreted from many different perspectives. This was our approach to the BSM identity, simply take a square and play.


The same rigour was also applied when creating a language system for the identity. Here we used ‘Built Environment’ as our foundational element to be experimented with. Examples included; People Focused, Built Environment or Visually Impactful, Built Environment. This system is incorporated across all communications from meeting minutes to major projects. Brady Shipman Martin have been building our environments since the company was first established in 1968. This identity update has been designed to showcase their work and highlight their fundamental need to remain culturally connected to contemporary Ireland.

The Laudato Si Challenge

The Laudato Si’ Challenge has been established to inspire creativity worldwide and improve the lives of one billion of the most vulnerable people. The Challenge’, supported by the Vatican, aims to become a multi year initiative convening of the best ideas through a rigorous and tested process.


The goal is to support the development of high impact social businesses offering ways to address critical problems of our time. Nature, Mankind and Liturgy together form the central theme of the Challenge’s identity system. These have been drawn in many forms including a circle, square and cross, lines of longitude and latitude, colours, vignettes, statistics and photographs that balance the organic and the man-made. Along with the logotype, designed to always be a part of a paragraph of text, this sophisticated system gives us the opportunity to adapt over time and place.

The Laudato Si’ Challenge has been established to inspire creativity worldwide and improve the lives of one billion of the most vulnerable people. The Challenge’, supported by the Vatican, aims to become a multi year initiative convening of the best ideas through a rigorous and tested process.

Nature, Mankind and Liturgy together form the central theme of the Challenge’s identity system. These have been drawn in many forms including a circle, square and cross, lines of longitude and latitude, colours, vignettes, statistics and photographs that balance the organic and the man-made.

As a way of documenting the first Challenge a promotional book was created. The theme of the book was ‘The Social Economy’. Included in the book was essays, stories, presentations and nine interviews with each of companies involved. Each interview was accompanied by an illustration drawn to tell their story. The book showcases the full adaptability of the identity in a dynamic and cohesive series of designs. All beautifully printed in four spot colours and bound in a hardback linen cover.

Baan Thai

Baan Thai are a family run restaurant steeped in Thai Culture, Heritage, Harmony, Family, Flavour, Tradition, Health and Home. Both individually and collectively these eight key ingredients form the foundation for the visual approach to the identity.


They have been developed into symbols, patterns, language and photographic systems. A logotype inspired by Thai calligraphy has also been designed for the restaurant. Folklore and storytelling are integral to Thai culture and along with the eight key ingredients have been interwoven into all areas of the identity. Together they allow us to tell the story of Thai heritage, promote family traditions or offer information on healthy eating.

Homebeat + 34

An independent Irish music promoter moved in next door to our studio and decided to sell coffee from his workspace. The owner tasked us with designing a duo of versatile identity logotypes/systems that underlined his adaptable methods and creative approach to public events.


Both identities, Homebeat and 34 (Homebeat HQ/Café) needed to compliment each other whilst remaining independently distinct. The process began by looking at music manuscripts and the constant movement and evolution of Homebeat’s events. Through a series of physical research techniques; making, painting, stretching, photocopying stretching, scanning etc. we began to develop an aesthetic that matched the fluidity of Homebeat.

Swan ELT

Swan English Language Training is a Dublin based school delivering quality courses, employment opportunities and social programmes to students from all around the world. We created a vibrant and colourful identity system for the school.


The identity system includes diacritic patterns, a graphic language based on balance, colourful portraits and an adaptable language system. The language system is formed around the ability to play with the letters ELT, giving both students and staff the space to use and enjoy the identity for themselves.

Embassy of the Free Mind

“The city of Amsterdam is blessed for being a city where it is possible for merchants to be philosophers and for philosophers to be merchants.” Baruch Spinoza.


The Ritman Library, their collection of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica and The House with the Heads (a listed building in the heart of Amsterdam) are inseparably linked with the Netherlands and its history of tolerance, freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Building on this partnership and their combined heritage the Embassy of the Free Mind was established to share their knowledge and open up the space to free thinkers, artists, scientists and merchants.

The identity system for the Embassy was formed around the theologian concept of ‘centre everywhere, circumference nowhere’. The custom made logotypes were designed to reflect the essence of hermetic typography and the visual language was formed from the relationship between patterns in nature and codes in humanity.


OSI invest in cutting edge ideas that can be formed into the next generation of world-changing organisations. Their goal is to address the world’s leading challenges by bringing financial and human capital that enables Oxford University’s world-class science to go to market, and thrive.


The identity system for OSI was formed around controlled experiments and an aperture that can be adjusted to show the vastness and details of the world through various lenses. A custom made typeface was designed to reflect the scientific edge of Oxford’s science elite. The typeface along with a series of dawn and dusk photographs as well as founder portraits give balance to the identity system. The completed visual language is an adaptable system that can be used across multiple platforms and contexts.

NCAD Graduate Exhibition 2018

The NCAD Graduate Exhibition is an annual opportunity to discover the latest emerging talent from the art and design world. Our approach for the Exhibition was formed by creating an adaptable system that gave colour, shape and typographic weight to each faculty.


Directional signage was placed across the campus using simple materials, printed colour pages and purpose built wooden structures. A series of books were also produced that allowed for both consistency of form and a change of graphic.

Six Hanover Quay

Six Hanover Quay is a new waterfront development featuring 120 luxury apartments in the Dublin Docklands. Working together with Cairn and Savils, we created the branding and promotional materials including a series of films about the city, the area and the building.


For every project, Cairn brings together the best craftspeople, designers, architects and builders to bring the best quality so their developments stand the test of time. The architecture presents a vision for city living – from its curvilinear black & white façade to the elegant landscaped courtyard; from the residents gym to the rooftop gardens with panoramic views of the city. The development sold for €1001 million in 2018.


Frontline Ventures were in need of a rebrand, an update, a fresh look for a continuously evolving and fast growing industry. Following our brand strategy workshop, we (together) wrote a brief for their identity that focused on Frontline’s personal approach, financial experience and technical/industry knowledge.


The main aspects of the identity are built around human and technical typographic play. A glyph system was formed from aspects of Frontline’s techniques with various combinations used to explain different processes. These glyphs were then used to form the Frontline logotype(s) and display typeface. A second typeface was created with brush and ink. Overlaying these two typefaces creates a new emergent quality. Along with the typographic systems, a grid system based on controlled environments was also designed to showcase the acceleration of exceptional founders. Added to this was a photoshoot were we created triptych portraits through questioning and conversation. Each person was asked to listen, consider and respond.

Together these items form an adaptable brand identity that aligns Frontline’s visual aesthetic with their dynamic team and growing portfolio of companies.